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“ILLUMINATI 666” By Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

Song: Illuminati 666

Artist: Ill Bill & DJ Muggs

Album: Kill Devil Hills

“ILLUMINATI 666” Official Video (Directed by MoreFrames) – DJ MUGGS & ILL BILL are back… from the past! Hidden in a dusty basement and trapped on Betamax tape for the last 35 years, “Kill Devil Hills” has returned with a vengeance! Uncle Howie, Soul Assassins and MoreFrames present you with the most electrifying old school Saturday morning series that never was. Prepare to be hit with 4 all-new episodes, featuring new tracks from the upcoming DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL record. “Kill Devil Hills” is an original retro saga on an epic scale that no one else could deliver! be sure to check out – DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL “KILL DEVIL HILLS’ IN STORES NOW”-ILLBILLTV

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