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Weekly Top 10 S.I.D.W. MC’s 2.25.11

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It’s time for the weekly Top 10 Spittin In Da Wip MC’s list review!!!!

Not much to talk about because there were not changes in the Top 10 this week so keep your votes coming so we can shake some things up for next week!

I do have an announcement to make….I will be starting a new chart system that will calculate the rating activities strictly for the current month. So if it’s April, only the ratings in April will count and so on. That chart will be used for the Spittin In Da Wip competition that I’m starting. I’ll be making more announcements on that later.

We also posted some new episodes this week so check em out:


Caktuz and GIA:

Kalil Kash:

Bubble Geese:

Coming up next week, Madaam Queen, Worldarama, John O and BI Bang

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