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COMEDY: Race Card by Alphacat

This video had me laughing when I saw it last week!!! Alphacat has this new sketch video that’s been buzzing on the internet called “Race Card” check it out and let me know what you think!!

In this comedy sketch I wanted to toy with the social stigma that minorities can often times crack racial jokes, but when a White person does it, it’s not okay. lol
Please take this as comedy and nothing else. There’s no “statement” being made by this sketch, it’s all in fun.
My personal belief on the matter? Racial humor is hilarious, in all directions. Just know your crowd and regardless of ‘crowd’ know the line of respect. 🙂 -Alphacat

Directed by: Scott Brown

Written, Edited & Performed by: Iman Crosson
Twitter: @Alphacat1

Chad Sahley:
Twitter: @chadisms

David Spates…

Timothy Delaghetto

John Ollie
Twitter: @JustJohnOllie

Brett the Intern
Twitter: @BrettTheIntern

Lisa Lavie
Twitter: @Lisalavie

Fran Solomita

Special Thanks to:
Steven Tobler…

Music by:
Kevin Macleod

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