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The Educated Rapper from UTFO At M1-5

HipHop Legend The Educated Rapper came through to M1-5 for DJ WIz, Big Ced, Deidra Tate and Kwame’s birhtday bash. He also did a drop for CAC-TV, that’s big!!! The Educated Rapper has some new material coming out this year andyou might see him in a episode of Spittin In Da Wip later this year, stay tuned on that! If you don’t know who The Educated Rapper or UTFO is you should be ashamed of yourself and I question your HipHop credibility! Shout outs to DJ Holiday for reppin on the show too!

For those of you so called “HipHop Heads” that don’t know, click on the following links to peep the Wiki: UTFO WIKI / EDUCATED RAPPER

Follow The Educated Rapper: Rapper

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