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2011 ASA Air In The Square Highlights (BMX)

When I heard about the ASA putting a Mega Ramp in Time Square for their Air In The Square event I had to check that out. Just the idea of an official BMX event in Times Square is dope and salute the ASA for pulling it off. In this clip I got most of the highlights of the event, these kats was going in with the tricks, there were a few I’ve never seen before. I’m still trying figure out how one dude did a bike flip to back flip……CRAZY!!!!! When I first saw it I though he was just doing a tailwhip-backflip, which is already crazy but a Bike Flip!!???!!? BANANAS!!!!!! Some of the worlds top riders where there, Ryan Nyquist, Scotty Cranmer, Brett Banseiwicz, Daniel Dhers, Mike Spinner, Steve McCann, Zack Warden, Austin Coleman, Pat Casey, Vince Byron, James Foster, Colton Satterfield and they were going off. Now if somebody was to put together a  pump track race in the city that would be really dope!!!!! Check out the clip!

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