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Spittin In Da Wip Cipher: Ciph Diggy, C.Truth, Ves Dot And Crazy Al Cayne

During my recent taping of Spittin In Da Wip with Ciph Diggy of Sleepwalkas, I decided to my first ever cipher IN Da Wip lol!!  In this episode I passed the mic C.Truth, Ves Dot, Ciph Diggy  and myself and we all spit some bars In Da Wip.  This episode shows what the true essence of what Spittin In Da Wip Is, me and my friends rapping to beats in the car. Now you know me and C.Truth don’t claim to be rappers so don’t kill us too much on the comments lol, we were just having fun with it. And peep how C.Truth and Ves Dot couldn’t get Ciph Diggy’s name right when they was rappin lol. Stay tuned for more Spittin IN Da Wip “Cipher Series” episodes in the near future.

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