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In Between Us by The ILLz (Music Video)

Wow the ILLZ had been going in with the creativity, every video he’s made that I’ve seen so far has had really dope visuals and this video is no different. Below is a description of the video by the Illz

Chapter 1 follows a couple as their relationship has reached it’s breaking point. Inundated by jealousy, anger, and resentment, what starts off as trip to the ocean to try and rekindle a spark instead leads to a violent fight. Reality is harsh, gritty and painful. This is all juxtaposed against the subconscious, which is represented by the tunnel. Here the couple is alone, on a journey. Things are good, things are bad, but they are together. This represents the internal struggle of the two.

Song: in Between Us

Artist: The Illz
Director: Kristopher Rey-Talley
Follow The Illz at:!/TheILLZ

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