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Effigy, Oil Paintings On Skateboards

Dave from Effigy Gave me the update on his new products

I first me Dave at last years Philly Comic Con and got a cool interview and it was good to see him at this years Philly Comic ConĀ representing for his company Effigy! What I like about Effigy is that Dave makes these really dope oil paintings as the the art for his skateboard lineĀ so not only are you getting a new skateboard your also getting a cool oil painting, if I was to get one I’d probably not want to grind it though, I would just hang it on the wall as a piece of art lol. I would say that these board are collectible pieces of art that you can grind on lol. Effigy also has a skate team and a graphic novel in the works so keep your eye out for that!

To find out more about Effigy visit

To see more interviews like this one with Effigy vist our ANIGAMICOM Channel

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