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Denzil Porter "Kanye West" music video
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Kanye West by Denzil Porter (Music Video)

I like this joint by Denzil Porter, when the song starts the hook goes “Now why you gotta be such an asshole” and the name of the song is Kanye West lol! I was thinking Denzil was about to go in on Yey but he didn’t, he took on a more creative route. Check out the official description for the video below.

— Rapper Denzil Porter releases his newest single “Kanye West” off his upcoming project Home Made Music. “Kanye West”, produced by Mark XLnce, was inspired by the stereotypical New York City resident. New Yorkers: hardworking, tough and outspoken are often viewed to those outside of the city as just plain assholes. Denzil explains, “I feel like it’s just in our blood to do what we do and say what we say when we want to. Although we look at it as how we live, outsiders look at is as rude and obnoxious”.

After adding some witty lyrics inspired by real life events, Denzil Porter knew he needed a chorus that the crowd could chant when performed live like “Haymaker”, but a lot more comical like the song’s storyline. When asked why not just name the song “Asshole”, Denzil responds, “The title was selected because I wanted to use the most famous asshole that accepts his role as an asshole as much as the rest of us do. No diss intended”.

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