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The Microphone Misfitz, HipHop Movement

I got to interview The Microphone Misfitz at the 2011 Philly Comic Con

Chicago HipHop group The Microphone Misfitz are comprised of individuals that represent all the elements of HipHop. The group  members are D-Nick-The Microphone Misfit, Young D.R.U. The Misfit, Charity The Misfit, DJ Man-O-wax, DJ Arkitek, Petey Proper, Mel L, B-Boy Ken-Solo and The Ray of Light. They are promoting a positive message with their movement and they were in full effect at the Philly Comic Con this year. The Microphone Misfitz had some dope merchandise on display along with their mixtapes and DJ Mel L was on the 1 and 2’s keeping everybody hype over in the artist alley section. Check out the interview!

You can check out The Microphone Misfitz music on Bandcamp:

Watch more interviews like this one with the Microphone Misfitz at CAC-TV.COM

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