Saigon, Oh Yeah Our Babies
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Saigon – Oh Yeah (Music Video)

This is a great song by one of the most underrated emcees Siagon. The name of this joint is “Oh Yeah(Our Babies) of Saigon’s “Greatest Story Never Told” Album available on Suburban Noize Records. The bars that Saigon spit in this joint are so on point and real you can’t deny em. The sound bites are from the award winning radio documentary Ghetto Life 101.
Saigon, Oh Yeah Our BabiesHere’s the description of Ghetto Life 101 “In March, 1993, LeAlan Jones, thirteen, and Lloyd Newman, fourteen, collaborated with public radio producer David Isay to create the radio documentary Ghetto Life 101, their audio diaries of life on Chicago’s South Side. The boys taped for ten days, walking listeners through their daily lives: to school, to an overpass to throw rocks at cars, to a bus ride that takes them out of the ghetto, and to friends and family members in the community.”


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