Phz-Sicks, Success-Failure

PHZ-Sicks – Success/Failure feat Scolla (Music Video)

Dope video and song From PHZ-Sicks(@phz_sicks) called “Success/Failure” feat. Scolla. The song is off of “The Laws of PHZ-Sicks” album( and the video is directed by The Sweatshop & PHZ-Sicks. I really like how they put the video together, very creative 4sho!! I remember back in the days before the internet was poppin a song like this one would easily go gold, platinum was a lil harder to achieve but this joint would’ve got real close and would eventually hit Plat. Yeah back in those days you can pretty much tell what songs would do good, if the song was tight and it had a team behind it, a song like this would do good, I miss those days. Big Up to Phz-Sicks for this one, it’s a banger 4sho! Oh and I’m loving the hook too!

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