Riders Against The Storm, NoResume
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Riders Against the Storm (@rashiphop) – NORESUME

There are many types of HipHop music out there, you got Boom Bap, Trap, Rap,Trill, G Funk, Chopped and screwed etc but my favorite style HipHop is Underground HipHop. Now people have different definitions of what “Underground HipHop” is…some like to say Underground HipHop is not the type of HipHop that hasn’t gone pop or not that many people know about it but to me Underground HipHop is a style of HipHop. There’s plenty of unpopular HipHop songs and artist that I wouldn’t consider Underground and there are some songs and artist that are popular I would consider underground or they can make a dope underground song….anyways I said all that to say this song “NORESUME'” by Riders Against The Storm is the type of Underground HipHop that I like, it reminds me of those simple break beat joints back in the day when emcees would put some creative lyrical concepts to them…..Big Up to RAS for the word play!
Riders Against The Storm, NoResume

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