Napoleon Da Legend And C Truth, BMX trials
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BMX Challenge Ep#9, C.Truth & Napoleon Practice

So the new season of The BMX Challenge is on a poppin and it’s gonna be off the chain! I’ve changed the rules a little bit for this year, now all the all the competitor/guest will compete in a time trial around the pump track at Cunningham park. I’m still fine tuning it and I’ll be making more announcements in the coming weeks which will include the whole concept of the show.
In this clip My boy’s C.Truth and Napoleon Da Legend arrived at the trails first and were ready to get some practice laps in. Now ya’ll know Napoleon for being an amazing emcee who’s ringing bells in the industry but the BMX Challenge is his very first time doing anything like this and it showed lol. Radio personality and TV Host C.Truth (Thermal Soundwaves Radio) got his feet wet during our previous BMX Challenge, let’s see if he can keep the bike upright lol.
Stay tuned for more episodes coming real soon!

Napoleon Da Legend And C Truth, BMX trials


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