Al Riding, Cunningham trails
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A Lil Rough Edit At Cunningham Trails (BMX)

Me and my boy Dan went to Cunningham Park Trials to do some riding and filming. The trails were looking nice but first section had some flooded spots other than that the trails were running good. Filming was a nightmare because it was really dark in there from the tree cover but it was also really Sunny out so there were all these bright spots. We mostly rode the mid level section and the pump track, by time we got to the downhill section it was time for me to leave but I have one shot of Dan doing that section. After watching the video I realized that the trials need to be stepped up with bigger and more tech stuff…but that pump track is a real work out regardless.
Al Riding, Cunningham trails
I’m still working on my BMX action filming skills but I’ll be filming a lot more stuff.

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