Bill Campbell, The Company man, koontown
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@TheCompanyMan Interviews Bill Campbell Koontown Killing Kaper

I ran in to my by The Company Man at the Brooklyn HipHop Fest and had him do some co hosting for CAC-TV. In this clip TCM interviews emcee Triple Threat and Bill Campbell(@bcampbellauthor) who is the writer of the book Koontown Killing Kaper….that’s right KOONTOWN killing Kaper!!…Below is a description off the book.

Bill Campbell, The Company man, koontown

All the rappers in Koontown are being killed, and rumor has it that it’s vampire crack babies doing the killing. Desperate the police reach out to Genevieve “Jon Vee” Noire, ex-super model/ex-homicide detective/private detective. Together with her former partner, Genevieve must navigate the dangerous world of gangsta rappers, shady record executives, corrupt cops and politicians, ’80s pimps, welfare queens, secret sistah societies, Ubernoggin, and the National Guard. Can the ex-super model survive the chaos and insanity to save her beloved Koontown while it explodes all around her?

Sounds intresting!

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