Jaden smith, the coolest

The Coolest – Jaden Smith #msfts #HipHop

Ok so I been out the loop ya’ll, I didn’t know Jaden Smith was spittin…I thought he was just doing the acting thing. I guess he’s really following in his fathers footsteps..in his own way though which is cool. Anyways “The Coolest” is Jaden’s latest video and.. it’s not bad imo. I like that smooth 70’s/early 80’s sample that producers The Stuyvesants used for the beat..sounds like it could be from a Grover Washington Jr or Ramsey Lewis song. When Jaden first started spitting it sounded like he just got out the bed or something but his lazy flow grew on me by the end of the song. After playing it a few times I started feeling it more but how is a 14 year old “Taking All The Women”? Yeah the bars are pretty mature for a 14 year old but Jaden Smith isn’t the average 14 year old..but still…. come on sun :/ these kids are growing up too fast!

Jaden smith, the coolest

I’m curious if Jaden wrote those bars but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt till I hear different. And doesn’t Jaden look like a cross between Jada, Will and Q-Tip in this video lol!!!! Anyways “the Coolest’ is pretty cool and I’m interested to see what Jaden comes with next…and maybe in the future we can get Jaden on Spittin In Da Wip! Stay tuned!

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