c.truth, 8 and 9 clothing, crazy al cayne

8 And 9 Clothing (@8and9) At #A3C 2012

My dude C.Truth (@Dr.Truth) interviewed Rey from 8 And 9 Clothing at the 8th annual A3C HipHop Festival in Atlanta, GA! We also got to take a look at some of the dope products that they had on display and find out how they came about. Below is a little more info on * And Nine Clothing:

8&9 is a conscious, independent clothing company. We design from a diverse perspective. Inspired by our passions and experience; street shit, hip-hop, skating, sneakers, modern politics and even pop culture. As a brand our focuses are concept, color, quality and details others overlook. Our path is one of constant improvement tweaking and fine tuning as we work to the top.

c.truth, 8 and 9 clothing, crazy al cayne

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