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P.B. Soldiers (@PBSoldier) At The New York Comic Con #Comics

Delante’ of PBS Media and one of the creators of the P.B.Soldiers comic book did a drop for CAC-TV/Anigamicom at the New York Comic Con! Below is a brief description of the P.B. Solders comic

The year is 2020.
Ten years after the signing of the Patriot Act in 2001, the U.S. government formed alliances with U.K. and China later known as the Establishment (the E ) and launched a worldwide campaign against terror a/k/a the Terrorist Act of 2011. Every citizen in the world is assigned a Terror Threat Level and these levels are separated by race and class. P.B.Soldier
(the protagonist) is an highly trained assassin that discovers how his past, present has a direct impact on his future. He must devise a plan to dethrone his employer (Mr. Ahmen) the head of the Program (Assassin’s Guild).


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