rj king, access 4 artist, a3c

Access4Artist (@access4artists) At A3C HipHop Festival (@A3C)

I got to interview RJ King of the website Access4Artist at the A3C HipHop Festival. Access4Artist had a big presence at the A3C and their doing great things for independent artist. Below is a brief description of what Access4Artist is all about!

Access4Artists (a4a) is a new global online talent discovery platform that connects and promotes artists across multiple disciplines. The site is a dynamic digital hub that keeps fans informed and engaged and empowers these ʻtastemakersʼ to take an active role in launching their favorite artistsʼ success.

a4a is a not just a social website. Itʼs a movement that positions independent and unsigned artists in front of high profile industry influencers across more than 11 talent categories and nearly eliminates the need for mainstream industry middlemen as artists cultivate their own fan base. Through an aggressive schedule of monthly contests and incentives, both artists and fans are rewarded for their participation with A4A, furthering enthusiasm for a4a.

rj king, access 4 artist, a3c

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