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Aerospoke (@AerospokeUSA) Is Making Wheels For #BMX Now!

Composite wheel maker company Aerospoke is well know for their mag style carbon wheels that they make for road, fixed gear and recumbent bikes. They have recently made a new BMX specific carbon composite wheel for 20″ bikes! These wheels have a nice aerodynamic design for cutting through the wind, their super stiff, they come in any color you want and their light weight but I couldn’t find any info on the actual weight of these. The cost of these bad boys are… $298…..EACH?!?!!! Actually I’ve seen some regular wheels that are about the same price but DAYUM THAT’S PRICEY!!!(UPDATE!! One Rear Wheel is $397 in Black, the price goes up if you want a different color 🙁 ) So with the resurgence of Skyway’s updated Graphite Tuff2’s and now these new Aerospoke BMX mags will we be seeing more BMXers riding Mags at the parks, trails and track in 2013? Will the Aerospoke BMX wheels catch on or will they go by the way of Spin Rims? Will Skyway be making a Carbon Composite mag to compete with the Aerospoke? Only time will tell..but I’m excited!
aerospoke bmx mag
Below is a lil more specs on the wheels:
20″ BMX Bike Wheel
20″ Front wheels have 100mm dropout width
20″ Rears wheels have 110mm dropout, Profile compatible Hubs.
All Aerospoke BMX wheels use 24mm Aeroheat rims.
20″ carbon composite wheels
Velocity 24mm rim available
aerospoke bmx wheel

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