dae dae j, montrill

Dae Dae J (@daedaejxlb)- Montrill #HipHop

Tight joint by Dae Dae J called Montrill off his upcoming mixtape “Obstacles Drop” coming 1.10.13. I like this joint with the exception onf all the N-Bombs at the end of the song…I usually past on songs that have too many n-bombs in them but I’ll let this one slide but ya’ll HipHop artist really need to make CLEAN Versions of your videos!!!!! Dae Dae J is reppin for Long Beach Ca and he got bars!
dae dae j, montrill

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lordwillin, soul search

LordWillin’ (@LordWillin00)- ” Soul Search” #HipHop

fall of humans

GentleJones (@gentlejones) and Marchitect – Fall Of The Humans – #HipHop