Josh Boothby, fixie

Josh Boothby (@joshua_boothby) Got Skills For Days On A #Fixie Bike

This latest Fixed gear edit called “Can’t Fool The Youth” featuring the skills of Josh Boothby is so dope, dude has got some dope skills on the big bikes! I can’t barley do half of the tricks he can do and I ride a 20″ with a freewheel lol! It pretty cool that everyone is getting their BMX on on whatever bike their riding, their needs to be a BMX, MTB, Fixie, Motocross, Road, Trail bike super session, that would be ill! The video was filmed & edited by Zane Meyer of WWW.CHOPEMDOWNFILMS.COM and the music is by Gonjasufi 9thing & Tenshun- Mix
Josh Boothby, fixie

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