justme, knob creek

JustMe “Knob Creek” (feat. Marcus Wilkerson & Sheisty Khrist) @illect

I got this new JustMe video “Knob Creek” via our Video Submissions page on Facebook by Illect Recordings. “Knob Creek” features verses from JustMe, Sheisty Khrist with the vocals of Marcus Wilkerson on the hook. The beat was produced by Jaq and the video was directed by Deacon the Villain ofthe Cunninlynguists. Peep the description of the video below via Illect:

JustMe shares, “Knob Creek didn’t start off as a song about racism, but when you try to do a song about Kentucky, it’s liable to come up. It may manifest itself in less aggressive ways, but it’s still alive and kickin’. If I may propose a toast…to finding unity in diversity!”

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justme, knob creek

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