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Swizz Beatz Gets Alicia Keys Vintage BMX Bike With Skyway Mags

HipHop super producer Swizz Beatz (@THEREALSWIZZZ) is really into his vintage BMX bikes! I found out about his love for BMX bikes when he posted a picture on Twitter of his “Green Goblin” bike which was a refurbished Chrome Haro Master(The mid shool one with the bash guard) with all green accessories and green Skyway tuff2’s!! When I dug a little deeper I found out that Swizz has a whole crew of refurbished vintage BMX bikes in his collection, he’s got vintage, GT’s, Mongoose, Haro’s and Dyno’s and most of his bikes have Mags and that’s dope! So I’m guessing Swizz use to ride BMX back in the day, he is from the BX so I’m sure he must have ridden at Mullalys, I wonder if he’s nice on a bike I gotta do some research on that.
Swizz Beatz’s recent BMX post on Instagram is a picture of a dope vintage Dyno that he bought for his wife Alicia Keys, check it out below!
alicia keys vintage bmx bike
I can’t wait to see the pics of them riding their Bikes together, that would be really dope! I really want to interview Swizz about his BMX collection and pick his brain about his thoughts on BMX and how he got into it, hopefully I can make that happen this year. He would also be a great contestant on my BMX Challenge series which I’ll be shooting again this year, Stay tuned!
Peep Alicia on the haro Master “Green Goblin” below
alicia keys on a Haro Master BMX
swizz beats vintage bmx collection

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swizz bmx bikes

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