tick tock

Tick Tock [Lifelines to Healing Soundtrack] #HipHop (@BavuBlogs)

This is a real deep video about the gun violence going on in America and especially in the Hood. It also talks about how more Americans kill each other with gun violence way more than any terrorist have ever done, very good points being made in this one. This song is brought to you by LifeLinesToHealing.org which is a stop the viloence campaign, below is part of their mission statement via http://www.lifelinestohealing.org:

The PICO Lifelines to Healing Campaign organizes local communities to stop neighborhood violence and promotes state/federal policies that will end the mass incarceration of our loved ones.
Violence Prevention: Local communities are free to identify specific violence prevention strategies that meet their particular needs. At the same time, the national campaign provides technical assistance to communities who are interested in adopting the Ceasefire violence prevention model. To learn more about this violence prevention model, read Don’t Shoot by David Kennedy.

tick tock
Music Composed/Produced/Engineered by g. LeDaris for Weighted Keyz
Words Written/Performed by Bavu Blakes & Tempest Barnes
Video Directed/Edited by Eric Morgan for DVZN Media
Video Produced by Bavu Blakes and Eric Morgan

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