white style, mtb

White Style Leogang 2013, Crazy #MTB Jumping Comp..In The Snow!!!

This is some of the craziest MTB footage I’ve seen in while! They had this huge X-Games “Slope Style” event for Mountain Bikes called “White Style” and it’s just insane! The Jumps are super huge and the riders were just going off doing some really sick tricks but that contest winning backflip to double tailwhip is bonkers!!! And I gotta get one of those snow conversion kits for my bike, that looks like so much fun!
white style, mtb

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Martha Knuckles (@marthaknuckles) -Give Me Room- #HipHop Dopeness

likwuid give the drummer some

Likwuid (@Likwuid) got a banger -Give The Drummer Some- #HipHop