nigel sylvester g shock

Angie Martinez, Jadakiss In New Nigel Sylvester G-Shock Commercial #BMX

Wow Nigel Sylvester continues to do big thing and break the barriers in marketing BMX! G-Shock watches just dropped a new commercial promoting Nigel’s new signature Black Out watches. The commercial had crazy cameos; Styles P, Vashtie, Yaris Sanchez, Vado, DJ Clark Kent, “Hawaii” Mike, Jeny Romero, Sasha Del Valle, Russ Begtson, B-dot, Chad Gittens and Sam Sneed, Dayum that’s a lotta heads!! Of course Nigel was reppin on his bike riding around the city doing a few tricks and stuff. To be honest i’m not really feeling the commercial but it’s still a good look for BMX and getting the word out. It’s also promoting another alternative activity(BMX) for us black folk to get involved with besides the usual stuff. Peep the G-Shock description below:

New York City is the birthplace of Nigel Sylvester, a motivating force in his life and inspiration for the design of his second signature G-Shock watch. Black Out depicts the speed and sounds of the city, it’s people, the chaotic movement, the exact definition of “Concrete Jungle.” There’s something in the air on this day, everyone is in a frenzy, the balance of NY is off, but Nigel has the key to put everything back in order. Black Out captures the true essence of Nigel’s NYC

nigel sylvester g shock

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