medicine music

Ghetto Fiction by Quadir Lateef (@Quadirlateef) Is Song Of The Day!

medicine music

Quadir Lateef just slayed every rapper that’s spittin that bullshit brain wash, “Sell Drugs” “I’m a killer” rappers out there with his new joint “Ghetto Fiction”! Quadir talks about the real outcome of livin that life and the consequences of it, he also points out how crazy it is how heads can swear how hard they are but as too scared to get an education and all that. I love this joint 4sho, Quadir Lateef just gave that brain wash HipHop a reality check 4sho! Every Dj and radio station should be playing this one 4sho! Big Up to Quadir Lateef for injecting his real rap bars into a beat that would’ve easily been used for more brain wash rap, Salute!

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