i keeps it real baby

Black Pinocchio? “I Keeps It Real Boy” by Soujohn (@soujohn)

i keeps it real baby
I saw this funny picture of what looks to be a Black Pinocchio on ToysREvil.com and had to share it with ya’ll! Florida-based graphic artist Soujohn created this character called Hoodley who’s a real money hungry and is all about about his next big come up and taking what he wants. Peep the description of this picture below:

According to Kanye, Pinocchio’s story goes…to be real boy. But Hoodley doesn’t have this problem; he just keeps it real boy. So this payday Hoodley is keeping it real in his new duds and fresh kicks.

In case you didn’t know Hoodley wears a black scully over his head, so he’s not really a black Pinocchio lol!!
Find out more about Hoodley HERE!

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