Crazy Al Cayne, Kyle Rapps
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Kyle Rapps(@KyleRapps) On Spittin In Da Wip

On this episode of #SpittinInDaWip I got Kyle Rapps to do his thing with the bars in da car! Make sure you rate this episode after you watch it, all Kyle needs is 30 unique viewers to rate this episode for him to be eligible to appear on the Spittin In Da Wip top 50 emcee charts! Big up to C.Truth and Mr Metasen for helping out on this episode and for their cameos of course!
You can check out the dirty version of this episode HERE

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Crazy Al Cayne, Kyle Rapps

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chris kerr

Chris Kerr + BMX + Trails + Slow Motion = Dopeness!

Quadir Lateef

Quadir Lateef (@QuadirLATEEF) – “The Quickening Arts” – Is Super dope!