Redbull Mini Drome

$1000 up For Grabs At The Redbull #FixedGear Mini Drome In BK 3.23

Redbull Mini Drome
Since I’ve been following the fixed gear movement I’ve come across some really interesting freestyle videos and events. The upcoming Redbull Mini Drome comp seems like it’s gonna be a fun one to attend and cover (but I’ll be racing my BMX that weekend). So what’s the Redbull Mini Drome all about you ask? Peep the description below:

Red Bull Mini Drome will challenge both body and mind as riders navigate themselves around a unique and technically challenging course reaching speeds of over 30mph. The event will be open to fixed gear riders age 21+.100 competitors will have the opportunity to qualify in a single timed race and the 32 racers with the quickest time across 10 laps will progress through the competition to the finals which will be a single pursuit race format.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what the Mini Drome is all about!

Peep some more action!

I wouldn’t mind trying this event out but I would have to train myself to ride a fixed gear…The only time I ride fixed gear is when I ride the spin bikes the gym and I always forget that when I stop pedaling the pedals won’t Grrrr! LOL! Anyways this looks like a fun event to watch or participate in…and it’s in Brooklyn….AND IT’S FREE to attend!!!
This type of event can easily be duplicate by the folks who are pushing the pump track movement, I mean this is basically a pump track with no jumps or rollers lol. In my wildest imagination I can picture USABMX starting a sub division of their sanction that runs pump track races at trails or indoor wooden pump track races, I can think of a bunch of companies that could sponsor the series. It’s a no brainer to me…but I digress, back to the Mini Drome 😉
So if you would like to attend this dope event peep the info and get your tickets HERE

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