chris brown, fine china

Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) – Fine China – Is A Good Song!

Hey I gotta give props where props are due and this new Chris Brown song “Fine China” is a really good song. Chris did his thing in this joint keeping it real soulful! I love the production of the music too but there’s no info on Chris Brown’s Vevo channel about who made it, Major labels suck at meta data smh! Now a lot of people are already trying to compare Chris to the late great Michael Jackson and it’s obvious that he used MJ’s influence heavy in this joint, he even use some of MJ’s trademark riffs and dance moves but I’m not mad at Chris because imo he doesn’t sound like trying to be MJ…just borrowing lol! It’s great to see Pop/R&B artist actually doing a real “R&B” track for once.
Now as far as the video with the whole “Triad” with the asian girl being “Fine China” and the Chris Brown is a thug/”Smooth Criminal” thing….ehhh…I’m not really feeling it..I get it but…ehhh, the dancing was good though. Other than that, good song Chris now just stay out of trouble and keep making that quality music!
Ok now back to some Underground HipHop 🙂
chris brown, fine china

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