Devine Carima dead Man Walking

Devine Carama (@DevineCarama) – Dead Man Walking – Real Bars On This One!

Devine Carima dead Man Walking

Lexington Kentucky emcee Devine Carama is back again spit that -Truth Hurts- HipHop on his latest joint “Dead Man Walking”. Devine goes in with the bars and puts all those rappers that spit that nonsense on blast! I really feeling his bars in this joint. Fire! Peep the description below:

This is the second single off my upcoming “No Child Left Behind” EP slated to drop later this summer. “Dead Man Walking” is dedicated to young MCs coming into the rap game with no sense of the culture who envision hip hop as just another hustle or stepping stone to reach their “cool”. Oblivious and numb to the effect they have on their community. But equally, if not more damaging, is the fact that many young MCs come into the game portraying an image that is NOT them! It’s one thing to perpetuate negativity in honesty, but it’s a whole other monster to do so in the form of lies, false images & coonery.

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