@GourmetFootwear Rossi LX “Camo/White” Sneakers Are Dope!

gourmet Rossi LX camouflage sneakers 2
I love me some canvas sneakers especially ones that have enough padding on the bottom that I can’t feel every rock on the ground and I love camouflage so you already know I’m feeling these new Rossi LX Camo kicks by Gourmet Footwear! These bad boys come with Imported Italian camoflage printed suede leather, cotton laces, rubber cupsole and they go for $100 which is a lil steep for canvas kicks, still nice though. I wonder how they would feel on my pedals in comparison to some of the BMX canvas kicks? Huuum now that’s an idea for new segment!
gourmet Rossi LX camouflage sneakers 3

gourmet Rossi LX camouflage sneakers

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