Papoose (@Papooseonline) – Cure – Dope #HipHop Edutainment Joint

Most of ya’ll probably already know about this new banger by Papoose called “Cure” featuring Erica Badu. It’s a very well written song that warns us listeners about the dangers of living an unprotected lifestyle when it comes to your physical health. In the first vers Papoose tells the story of Cancer from a first person POV like Cancer was actually rhyming. In the 2nd vers he tells the story about a woman who’s been infected with the AIDS virus from the same 1st person POV as if AIDS itself was rhyming. In the last vers he tells the story of how AIDS travels from one person to another and how we need to protect ourselves from getting the disease.
I gotta salute Papoose for this joint right here….really good song and very much needed!

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