Aizan shawn alleyne

Shawn Allyene’s “Aizan”, The Original HipHop, Sci-Fi, Martial Arts, Super-Heroine

Aizan shawn alleyne
Check out the new revised poster of Illustrator/Writer Shawn Allyene’s character Aizan, The original hip-hop, sci-fi, martial arts, super-heroine. I can’t wait to check out the series. Peep the description of Aizan below:

The book is called Aizan, and in a nutshell, AIZAN is the story of a young female Caribbean immigrant by the name of Hela,who now lives in a fictional city called Bridgeport. A super-hero battle destroyed nearly half of her city, and Aizan feels disgusted by people with powers and views the superhuman community as parasites. Her whole world drastically changes when her life is saved by her city’s masked vigilante, Black Aizan. He recruits her, unwillingly, into his fight against crime, in the hopes of passing his title to her. But Hela wants nothing to do with his world, or superheroes in general, and holds a great disdain for their very existence, until she finds out she herself has powers.

Themes of story: Truth; Heritage; Legacy; Life and Death; Religion; Anarchy; Capitalism

Elements of story: Hip-hop; Martial Arts; Par-kour; Graffiti; Super-heroes
This is a story with something for everyone: a new take on vigilantes; martial arts; hip-hop; urban ninjas; par-kour; graffiti; sci-fi; Kung-fu fighting angels; all interwoven into a super-hero story with social commentary.

Personal view: The choice to make a story with a female star was a very deliberate one. I wanted to create a new heroine that would be different from your standard comic book female lead. My character won’t be running around half naked for 22 pages. I designed her figure to be atypical of the usual top heavy super gals you usually see. Personality wise, she won’t be your typical damsel in distress with the I.Q of a sunflower seed. Aizan will be a new type of hero.

I’m going to include a link below to the facebook page, as well as a couple of the tracks I have from the soundtrack so far.

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