Cereal Killers Series

Ron English (@ronenglishart) Cereal Killers #Vinyl Toy Series Is Hilarious!

Cereal Killers Series
World famous, legendary artist Ron English did a parody illustration series called Cereal Killers which makes fun of the popular breakfast cereal boxes! Weather your a health nut or not you’ll get a kick out of some of the parodies like “Sugar Diabetic Bear”, “Fructose Peddlers” and “Obesie O’s” to name a few. Not only are these parodies funny, there also a message withing each piece..Comedy is one of the best way to get your point across for sure and Ron’s message is spot on!
Cereal Killer Series 2
He’s even making Vinyl toys of the cereal characters and his latest is “Count Calorie” which is a parody of “Count Chocula”
count calorie, ron english

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