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The Sea Otter Classic (@SeaOtterClassic) Speed And Style Is Dope! #BMX #MTB

When I saw that this year’s Sea Otter Classic is having a Speed And Style comp I got really amp’d! I’ve been talking about an event similar to this for the last year and it’s dope to see more of this style of event popping up. I think this is the future of BMX and MTB and it can be done pretty much anywhere.
I found this clip from today’s qualifying rounds via Specialized Youtube page. Check out the description below!

Sea Otter Classic’s Speed and Style competition is a unique mix of pump track and big jumps. Points are awarded for big trick and count against any time gaps. Last year Martin Soderstrom took the overall with with both speed through the whoops an big tricks on the jump.
This year Martin is joined by freestyle teammates Mike Montgomery and Darren Berrecloth, who hasn’t had to worry about qualifying for anything in a while. It’s different territory for Darren and a chance for Martin’s competitors to knock him off the top.

sea otter classic speed and style

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