AngryWoebots-Chewbacca. chewballer

Star Wars Chewbacca + HipHop = Chewballer by @AngstWoes

Singapore’s Flabslab is working with Aaron Martin(Angry Woebots) on a dope bust of the infamous Star Wars character Chaewbacca but with a HipHop twist! They got Chewy rocking a AOS(Army Of Snipers) snap back to the back with the ill screw face and he now goes by the name of “Chewballer”!! The Chewballer bust is based off of Aaron’s original Chewbacca sketch that he did during his world tour, the sculpt looks dope and the detail is on point, it’ll be interesting to see what the final product is gonna look like. No word on a release date yet but we’ll try to keep an eye out for it.
AngryWoebots-Chewbacca. chewballer

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