J-Dilla vinyl toy
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When Will The J-Dilla Vinyl Toy Come Out?

J-Dilla vinyl toy
Back in July 2012 there was a press release about a vinyl toy figurine of the late, great J-Dilla in the works. It was suppose to come out later in 2012 but it didn’t happen from what I know. According to Stones Throw Records forum:

Edit from ST Bot: from what we hear, this is not the completed figure, and the release date is not this year, but next. This will be a release from the J Dilla estate, not the foundation.

J Dilla vinyl toy 3
Below was the official press release:

To celebrate the life of the legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla, the J Dilla Foundation is getting set to release a new vinyl figure of the man. Designed by Phil Young Song, the vinyl toy encapsulates the likeness of Dilla who’s equipped with a Detroit fitted, a donut chain, a pair of Dunks and his trusty MPC. The Dilla toy is to drop later this year, so stay tuned for news.

The piece looks amazing from these pics, hopefully it comes out, I’ll be buying one 4sho!
designed by Sintex
J Dilla Vinyl Toy 2

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