Bumble Bee Transformers Reveal

Bumblebee (In Car Form) For “Transformers 4” Revealed

Bumble Bee Transformers Reveal
So this has been the week of the “Transformers 4” car reveals and the latest car to be revealed is the infamous Bumblebee! for “Transformers 4” Bumblebee has been “transformed”(Ha) from the newer Camaro design of the past movies to a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS, it still has yellow in the paint job but the car is mostly matte grey. The wheels have some very dope “Road Warrior” style flanges on it which gives it that mean look. How dope would it be to shoot an episode of Spittin In Da Wip in one of the Transformers cars…one of these days! I’m curious to see what they do with this new installment of T4, I would love to see them go more serious this go around without all the lame and offensive nonsense.

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