Who Needs Shocks When You Have Loopwheels (@Loopwheels)

I saw this cool product that’s in development for 20″ folding bikes called Loopwheels. What is a Loopwheel:

Loopwheels are a brand-new ‘pat pending’ 20″ bicycle wheel with integral suspension. A spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road.
Loopwheels have a conventional hub with a hub brake and hub gears. But the spokes are replaced by a spring system. This gives an amazingly smooth, comfortable ride compared with a conventional spoked wheel.

Sounds pretty cool if your a casual 20″ rider and want that full suspension feel, I wouldn’t be trying any tricks with these puppies though lol…… but..
loopwheels wheelie
Check out more HERE

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