lyric jones, music and love

Lyric Jones (@LyricJones) – Music & Love – #HipHop

Dope emcee Lyric Jones dropped some new heat with her latest single “Music & Love” produced by IIIastrate. In the song Lyric Jones tells the story of a love triangle between herself, her man and her love for the music business and the conflict it brings to the relationship. All of us artist, entertainers and entrepreneurs have been there 4sho and i know a lot of ya’ll can relate to being “Caught Up In The Middle”. The video is also directed by Lyric Jones and it was shot and edited by KD Gray. “Music & Love” is the debut single off Lyric Jones upcoming project “Love’s Trail Mix EP ” dropping late summer 2013, now watch and rate!
lyric jones, music and love

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taylor dunn, water

Taylor Dunn (@TaylorDunn1990) – Water – #HipHop

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