Remote Control Flying Car

“B” The Flying Remote Control Car Is So Dope! It Can Go Anywhere

Remote Control Flying Car
I saw this sick R/C flying car concept called the “B” and was blown away by how dope it looks. I was wondering if it actually works so I did some digging and came across the Kickstarter page for it where there was a video of it in action, check it out below…

So some of the stats are It can take off vertically, hover and fly, and return to the ground to continue driving with ease. Its durable poly-carbonate construction means it can survive falls from the air and punishing terrain on the ground like it’s nobody’s business. It also has a 720p on-board camera and 32G Micro SD card support makes this one capable reconnaissance vehicle for all you spy’s out there. I can imagine the type of action sports video edits you can accomplish with this car-coptor too!
Man if I had the money I would be putting my Pledge in for one of these bad boys 4sho! Find out more about the car HERE

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