Crazy Al Cayne, you don't know
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New Crazy Al Cayne Comedy Song “You Don’t Know” AKA The Best HipHop Song Ever

Crazy Al Cayne, you don't know

The Crazy Al Cayne we all know is back on his comedy music grind again with the official release of his song “You Don’t Know” AKA “The Best HipHop Song Ever”.
What made Crazy Al Cayne create this song was the fact that half the time you can’t tell what the hell any of these Rappers are saying in their rhymes and most of the time it doesn’t matter as long as the beat is “hot”. So Al decided he was gonna create a song where he doesn’t say anything at all. This song was originally created years ago…(you don’t wanna know the year, that’s how long ago lol!!) and Al decided to start putting out his comedy songs that have been sitting around for the world to hear.
The song was written by Crazy Al Cayne & Vernon Lynch Jr, Stay tuned for the video!

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