haro-clutch carbon

That Haro (@harobmx) Carbon Fiber “Clutch” BMX Frame Is SICK!

In the growing market of of super light, stiff and expensive Carbon Fiber BMX frames and parts, Haro decided to get in the game and unleash their first carbon frame called the Clutch! But what really caught my attention about this bike is the promo video that Haro made. Good BMX racing promo videos at too far and few in my opinion and I’ve been looking so when I saw this video got amp’d! This is what BMX racing needs, more good, high end, BMX racing promo videos out there. Now the next step is to make this video into a 30 second commercial spot and run this nationwide on a few networks. That would not only help Haro on getting the word out on their brand, it’ll help BMX racing as a whole for exposure and status wise as well, It’ll show the masses that this is a serious sport worth checking out.  Now back to The Clutch frame lol, this bike is really dope, check out the official video description below:

With the Pro XL weighing in at 2.7lbs, the features of this frame are equally unique to the material it’s made of. The most unique feature of the Clutch is our new Power Transfer Center (PTC) bottom bracket concept creating undoubtedly the stiffest, most responsive frame on the market today.
The Clutch is the pinnacle, our proudest development to date for the BMX Race category.

haro-clutch carbon

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