stunt tricycle

Have You Seen The Big Wheel, Skate, BMX, Recumbent Hybrid Called ONDA Cycle?

stunt tricycle
I came across this new hybrid, big wheel looking bike thing and had to share it with ya’ll! It’s called ONDA Cycle created by Tyler Hadzicki and Joe Hadzicki and it’s a mix between a Big Wheel, BMX bike, skateboard and recumbent. Actually it doesn’t have big wheels in the back, it has skate wheels that swivel. It alll sounds a lil crazy but when you see the video it’ll all make sense.

The front wheel can be steered like a regular bike. The rear handle controls the back swivel wheels, allowing for precise steering, spins, and drifting. There is also a wheel lock feature which allows you to lock the rear wheels in a forward facing position so you don’t have to worry about spinning out at high speeds.

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