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HipHop Legend Masta Ace (@mastaace) – I Did it – (Official Video)

HipHop Legend and #SpittinInDaWip alumni Masta Ace just dropped some new visuals for his latest single “I Did It” which is one of the many dope tracks off of his album “MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne”! Peep the official description of the video below:

The second video from Masta Ace’s MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne features classic video clips from his illustrious career. In the song Ace lists the many reasons he got involved in Hip Hop and the music business. He expresses in the first verse all the reasons why he DID IT; some of his motivations and influences. As the listener starts to get the idea that Ace is summing up his career, the 2nd verse lists the reasons he is STILL doing it. He shouts out some of the local New York teams, the tri-state area, his family and the veterans who “paved the way” for him. MF DOOM’s production compliments Ace’s flow and delivery well and this certified Hip Hop banger.

masta ace, i did it

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