iron-man-light up sneakers


Have You Seen The Iron Man Light Up Nike Sneakers?

iron-man-light up sneakers
HipHop, Art and Comic Book influenced products are everywhere! For all ya’ll sneaker collecting, comic buffs these custom Nike Iron Man, light up kicks are a music have! These joints feature the trademark red and gold Tony Stark Iron colors, light up when you walk and feature some bright LED lights that resemble Tony’s Arc reactor….how cool is that! Now realistically these $750.00 kicks are not the kind you should be walking around in, these are collectors which will probably be work triple that in a few years! This custom was done by custom sneaker company called and they make some amazing custom kicks. If you have money to burn ya’ll should check these guys out for some exclusive looking kicks!!

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G n d majesty

G N D (Georgia Ann Muldrow x Dudley Perkins) – MAJESTY – Soulful, Funk, HipHop

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Comic Books: Nowhere Man Vol# 1.2: You Don’t Know Jack, Book Two